Saint Bernard of Montjoux

The Alps
Mountain Climbers

Saint Bernard of Montjoux was born in Italy in the year 923. He became a priest and missionary in northern Italy, in the mountains there known as the Alps. He traveled the mountainsides tirelessly, bringing the faith, the sacraments, and education to the villages of the Alps for over 40 years.

The cold, snowy mountain passes from Italy to Switzerland were very dangerous. Many pilgrims from France and Germany crossed the Alps every year to visit Rome. Saint Bernard founded two hostels, one at each of the more dangerous passes. These mountain passes are to this day called Great Saint Bernard Pass and Little Saint Bernard Pass.

He also founded a religious community whose mission was to live at the hostels and always be ready to rescue travelers from the snow. The members of the community also trained big dogs to help find lost travelers in the snow. These big dogs became known as St. Bernards, and they are still used today as rescue dogs.

Saint Bernard of Montjoux is known as the patron saint of the Alps, of skiers, and of mountain climbers. Ask St. Bernard to help you spread the faith as he did. St. Bernard will accompany you on the many adventures you will have this year, and intercede for you to keep you safe.