Saint Nicholas of Tolentino

Holy Souls

A young couple in Italy in the 1200s prayed for a child at a shrine dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Myra. Soon after, they had a baby boy and named him Nicholas. This boy grew up to be Saint Nicholas of Tolentino.He demonstrated saintliness at an early age and later joined the Augustinian Friars. He was known for being a gifted preacher and confessor.

When he was 34, he was sent to the city of Tolentino. The country was at war, and many towns were attacked. Saint Nicholas of Tolentino took care of the people in Tolentino. He ministered to their spiritual needs, as well as feeding the poor and caring for the sick and imprisoned.

Saint Nicholas loved feeding the poor at the monastery gates. The rolls, called St. Nicholas Bread, which he baked and distributed while praying to Mary, often cured the sick. Many miracles happened through his intercession, including resurrections. He humbly told people, "Say nothing of this. Give thanks to God, not me."

Saint Nicholas of Tolentino is the patron saint of Holy Souls. He was devoted to praying for the poor souls in purgatory, especially during Lent and in the month of November. Saint Nicholas of Tolentino can help us to remember to pray for these holy souls on their path of purification.