Saint Genesius


In the 3rd century, Saint Genesius was a pagan actor who wanted to impress the evil Emperor Diocletian, who hated Christians. Saint Genesius tricked the local Christian community into teaching him about Baptism, so that he could mock the sacrament in a comic play. While acting in the play, Saint Genesius was playing the part of a sick man who called for a priest to baptize him. When another actor poured the water on Saint Genesius’s head, Saint Genesius was suddenly overwhelmed with faith in Jesus. He immediately announced on stage that he wanted to become a Christian and called for the Emperor to change his ways and accept Jesus Christ as the one, true God. At this, the angry emperor had Saint Genesius beheaded.

Saint Genesius is the patron saint of actors. The conversion of Saint Genesius shows us how powerful God’s grace is. Let us pray to Saint Genesius to ask for an increase of faith in our lives and the courage to stand up for our faith even when we are mocked.